Ada Writer Publishes Book

ADA -- Many Rivers Harbor announces the publication of "Secret of the Pack Rat's Nest," a novel for teens written by Ada resident Martha E. Rhynes.

The book tells the story of Colby Elliot, who discovers a secret on the grounds of a spooky estate guarded by a fierce black dog. Will his discovery be the answer to his family’s problems, or will it result in deception and violence that could ruin his life? His father is gravely ill, and his mother is burdened with worry and debt. He has to quit the football team, his girl loves someone else, and he is in trouble at school. He thinks things can’t get worse, but they do. Will Colby allow his sense of right and wrong to guide him when he is tempted to choose a dangerous solution to his problems?

The author explains why teenage Colby is the main character of her story. “Before my retirement, I taught junior high and high school English,” Rhynes said. “Girls in my classes preferred romance, but they also liked mysteries and adventure stories. However, boys said they hated to read, so I was always looking for good action stories with young male protagonists. The boys’ attitudes toward writing essays, poetry, and short stories was on a par with cleaning out the septic tank; so I assigned writing prompts over topics I’d heard them discuss when they thought I wasn’t listening. ‘Secret of the Pack Rat’s Nest’ has young male characters (good guys and bad guys), football, fishing and camp outs, romance, and illegal drugs and violence.”

Rhynes began her writing career by researching the lives of American authors and writing biographies and analyses of their work for inclusion in literary encyclopedias. Her book-length biographies include “I, Too, Sing America:  The Story of Langston Hughes”; “Gwendolyn Brooks: Poet from Chicago”; “Ralph Ellison: Author of Invisible Man”; “Jack London: Writer of Adventure”; and “Ray Bradbury: A Teller of Tales.” Her works of fiction include numerous short stories and two other novels: “The War Bride,” and “Man on First.” Other publications include the Ada Writers anthology “Creations 2012.” Rhynes is the mother of six adult children and many grandchildren. Her family operates a cattle ranch in Oklahoma.

The book is now available at Karen’s Art & Framing, LLC., 108 East Main, and will be available at the Ada Writers’ booth on PEC Day, September 29.

Many Rivers Harbors, a micropublishing company based in Oklahoma, helps authors publish and promote their books. For more information, visit its website at

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  1. I really enjoyed this book. I know I'm not the target audience, but I think they'll enjoy the book. If you're looking for something for a young guy (or even a gal) to read, pick up a copy of this book.